One-on-one workshops

Take your practise to the next level with my one-on-one workshops that are catered to your needs.


Single session - 2.5 hours
CAD 150.-

"A tailored masterclass to advance your skills."

Want to learn spiral wedging, throw larger, or off the hump? Want to understand everything plates, mixing glazes, or explore making more complex shapes like lidded boxes, donuts, and closed forms? This one-on-one intensive workshop will help you tackle more advanced throwing techniques.

This one-day workshop is catered to suit your needs. Before the workshop starts, I will ask you about your previous pottery experience and about the items and techniques you wish to focus on. Based on your wishes, I will propose a custom fitted masterclass. My studio is your playground!

// Please note that this workshop focusses on throwing only. Most items will be cut in half to peek and learn from the cross-section. There will be no items for keeps. In some cases, and for an additional fee, I can trim and glaze an item for you.


Three sessions - 7 hours (2.5 + 2.5 + 2)
CAD 325,-

"Experience the full process of throwing, trimming, and glazing."

This three-day workshop is for those wanting to experience the full pottery process and fine-tune their throwing, trimming, and glazing skills.

The first session will focus on your wheel throwing techniques. Precisely like workshop “THE SKILL” we will focus on a shape and/or technique that you want to explore or improve. During the second session we will deep-dive into trimming and, if applicable, finishing your pieces - like adding handles and constructing pieces that consist of multiple parts. The third session is for decoration and glazing. There is a limited selection of studio glazes to choose from (glossy white and satin black for dipping, and a selection of brush-on glazes).

// All materials, tools, and kiln costs are included. Your finished work (approximately 2 - 5 items, depending on size) will be ready for pick-up within approximately 3-4 weeks after your final session.


Custom amount of sessions - to be determined together.

"We are in this together."

Do you want to work on a special project (like a dinnerware set) but don’t feel confident yet to do it all by yourself? For intermediate potters that are familiar with the techniques and process, I offer guided sessions to work on your very own project. Please contact me with your ideas, and I can tailor a multiple day workshop to suit your needs.

// The amount of sessions and the cost for guidance, materials, and firings are determined on a case-by-case basis.

For who?

These workshops are for intermediate potters who want to improve and sharpen their skills and learn new techniques. Previous pottery experience is required; you must be able to wedge, center and throw a cylinder with confidence.


Although we are working with clay and tools, I strongly believe that the most important medium we work with is our body. A lot of my tips and guidance will focus on body-awareness. Believe it or not, even the toes of your left foot play a role in determining the result of a pot! Hips, core, shoulders, triceps; understanding and focussing on how your body works together with the laws of physics of a moving wheel, will make your life so much easier!

These workshops focus mainly on technique, shape, and contemporary design in ceramics. For more in-depth decorating and glazing courses, and for more traditional shapes, colours, or sculptural work, I can point you into the direction of some skilled artists and community studio’s in Vancouver, BC.


All wheel throwing sessions are on Monday and Tuesday evenings, 5.30 - 8.00 pm.

If choosing the 3-day workshop “THE PROCESS”:

The trimming session is on the following Thursday evening, 5.30 - 8.00 pm.
The glazing session is determined after your trimming session to suit your schedule and my firing schedule.

// Do these days and times not work for you? I am open to discussing different timeslots and days that fit both our schedules.


Clay and tools are available for use in the studio and free of charge. Please bring a towel and wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, or an apron. And a little reminder; short fingernails, long hair that’s tied up, and removing your jewelry, makes throwing so much easier!


The workshops take place in my East Vancouver studio. There is ample parking in the alley near the back entrance. I will provide you with more details after your workshop is confirmed.


Do you want to bring a friend, partner, date, or family member? I can accommodate up to two people. Please note there is only one wheel in the studio, this means that your time on the wheel will be split.

Prices for two people:



Online registration and purchase will follow soon. For now, fill out the form below, and I will get back to you with a proposal and availability.


After you confirm my proposal, I will send an invoice which needs to be paid in full before the workshop starts. Prices are excluding tax.


Cancellations are accepted up to 7 days before the workshop, but all cancellations are subject to CAD 50,- administration fee. Workshop fees are non-refundable when you cancel within 7 days of the workshop date.