Workshop "THE SKILL" - for beginner / intermediate potters

Workshop "THE SKILL" - for beginner / intermediate potters

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Single session - 2 hours

"A tailored masterclass to advance your skills."

Need some help centering and pulling walls? Want to learn spiral wedging, throw larger, or off the hump? Or understand everything plates, mixing glazes, or explore making more complex shapes?

Let me know what you want to work on, and I will help you fine-tune your throwing techniques.

Note: this workshop focusses on throwing only. Most items will be cut in half to peek and learn from the cross-section. In case you throw a masterpiece you just don't want to say goodbye to, I can trim, glaze, and fire it for you for an additional fee at CAD 25.00.

Share the fun!
You're welcome to bring a friend and you'll each get 10% off. Please be mindful that there is only one wheel in the studio, and therefore time behind the wheel will be split.

How to book?
Booking online is not possible at the moment. Please send an email to and we'll find a timeslot that suits us both.

Before the start of your workshop you'll receive an invoice that must be paid in full (via etransfer) before the start of the workshop.

What to expect?
You can find more information about what to expect, what to bring, and cancellations on the workshop page.


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