Frequently asked questions


Most items are dishwasher safe. However, for longevity I strongly recommend to hand wash all items with soft materials and a mild soap or detergent.

Although the iron oxide in the Squid Ink collection is fully melted with the protective glaze, it's best to remain cautious and avoid putting these items in the microwave.

I do not recommend using my dinnerware in an oven. However, you could place them in the oven for a very short time at low temperatures to keep warm (max. 175 Fahrenheit / 80 Celsius)

It's common for marks, discolouration and crackles to appear in handmade ceramics (especially in matte and satin finishes, and if you leave coffee or tea in a mug for a period of time). "Barkeepers friend" can help remove cutlery marks.

Unglazed bottoms are water and stain resistant, but not water and stain proof. Vases that sit on a wooden tabletop can sometimes "sweat" and leave watermarks. To protect your furniture you can opt to use a coaster or a piece of felt.

Spills from strong coloured foods (like turmeric, carrot, beetroot, etc.) should be cleaned from unglazed surfaces immediately.

Please be aware that an impact (like a knock against the counter) could cause a hairline fracture that you may not see (handles on mugs are particularly vulnerable for this). Later on, rapid heat increase, -for instance by pouring hot liquid inside, or transferring a bowl from a cold fridge directly to the microwave- can make the item shatter or split.

The French Butter Bell is a butter-keeper that keeps butter at the perfect spreading consistency without refrigerating. It's a pottery crock with two parts: a base that holds water, and a cup to hold the packed butter which also serves as a lid and as a serving dish when placed upside down. 

How it works
The top part containing butter is placed into the base, where water creates an airtight seal that keeps the air (and thus oxygen) away from the butter (oxygen is what turns butter rancid). This way your butter will stay soft and fresh.

The original design of this product has a bell-shaped lid and was first designed in France in the late 19th century, hence the name French Butter Bell.

How to use

  • Pack the top part tightly with butter.
  • Fill the base with approximately 1 to 2 cm (0.75 - 1 inch) of water.
  • Keep the Butter Bell in a cool spot in your kitchen.
  • To serve the butter: lift the top out of the base, flip it over, and place it on your table.

Care & Hygiene Tips

  • Refresh the water every other day.

  • Avoid warm countertop spots and sunlight.

  • Handwash both parts with soap before refilling with a new batch of butter.
  • When filling the top with butter, pack it tightly to prevent creating air pockets in which mould could grow. Using uncooled softened butter works best.
  • Make sure not to overfill the base with water, to prevent water from overflowing as you place the top part inside.
  • However, when the butter level declines in the top part, do add some more water to the base to maintain the airtight seal of the water touching the butter.
  • Please note: unglazed grey surfaces are vulnerable to stains.


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Unfortunately, I don't do wholesale at this moment. Please send an email to, so I can keep your informaton for when this changes in the future.

Yes, I do.

Custom orders are accepted on a case by case basis, and with a minimum of approximately CAD 800.00.

Send an email to with your ideas, and I will send you more information. I'm open to discussing custom sizing and finishing.

Please note that I can not do small batch orders, one-offs, or items that are not in line with my style and aesthetics.

Yes, I am all for collaborations! In the past I have worked with artists, graphic designers, photographers, coffee roasters, restaurants, interior desigers, and architects. Please send an email to and I will get back to you shortly.

Yes, I love designing and making bespoke ceramics for restaurants, bars, and cafe's. Collaborations are accepted on a case by case basis.

Send an email to with your ideas, and I will send you more information on availability, the process, what to expect, and timelines.