Kat Pino is a ceramicist from The Netherlands, living in Vancouver, BC since 2016.

“What draws me to ceramics, is it’s ability to form connections. I believe that every object in a home interacts and communicates with us, it produces a feeling of some sort. When you see a bowl that has a satin gloss glaze, for instance, there is a premise, a certain anticipation of how it will feel once you pick it up. Same goes for a big bellied mug, or a super sleek porcelain vase. Ceramics communicates through proportion, shape, colour, and texture."

With an architect dad, music teacher mom and two brothers in design and music, Kat comes from a creative nest. She studied Illustrations, and ended up with a University degree in Art History and Cultural Sciences in 2005.

Kat worked as a freelance copywriter and online project manager & coordinator successfully for nearly a decade, before she tried her hand at pottery. "It started as a way to get out of my head and into my body, but quickly turned into something that made me happy and steer away from corporate life."

Early 2016 she ended her freelance career and moved to Vancouver. That's when she decided to give ceramics a go fulltime.

Kat’s work has a focus on functionality and simplicity. "Aesthetically I’m inspired by the simple and clean lines, shapes, and materials that we see in modern design, architecture, industrial design and interiors. How a piece of ceramics can contribute to someone’s experience in a home or restaurant, lies at the heart of my designs. It’s incredibly inspiring to work with chefs and interior designers, and see how my work interacts with their creations, and together elevate the overall experience.”