Life Coaching

It all starts with an idea! Or, lets be honest, so often it starts with a sense of dissatisfaction. Maybe you want to change careers, feel more fulfilled in your relationships, or perhaps you're not exactly sure what needs change. Whichever it is, at times a sounding board to navigate your direction in life can make all the difference.

Whether you want to focus on personal growth, finding new purpose, or simply need a compassionate, non-judgmental space to discuss life's challenges, coaching might be for you.

Non-hierarchical or hierarchical polyamory, Solo Poly, Open Relationship, Relationship Anarchy, just to name a few Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) styles. More and more people consciously choose how partnership looks like in their life and custom design their relationships. And if a relationship with one person isn’t challenging enough, having more people in the mix will undoubtedly add complexity.
Poly challenges

Safe and secure polyamorous relationships that are built on ethics and values can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. But a successful poly relationship starts with a steady relationship with yourself. Being poly means that you will be confronted with new challenges and topics that can trigger anxiety, reactivity, insecurity, and/or jealousy on the regular.
Therefore, expanded awareness, self-reflection, emotional intelligence, emotional wellness, and impeccable communication skills are critical in ENM relationships. Being happily non-monogamous asks for a commitment to selfcare and growth, and it can be confrontational and a lot to take on.
Poly mentorship

I offer poly mentorship and peer support to help you strengthen your capacity to carry the emotional load and navigate your way to a safe and secure relationship with yourself, which is the foundation for fulfilling relationships with your partner(s), and metamour(s). As a poly coach I know what you're struggling with, and I am here to support you.
Topics: starting your polyamory journey, opening from monogamy, unpacking a monogamous mindset, communication, communication, communication (!), managing triggers and jealousy, insecure attachment styles and self-esteem, sexual values and health, boundaries, etc.
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What I offer

Coaching with me means that we co-create a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate space that allows you to be fully heard and seen, and to go on a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, and empowerment.

I will support you in discovering, implementing, and keeping on track with the steps you wish to take to improve your personal and/or professional life.

Together we will go deep and shine a light on your patterns, values, beliefs, and blocks. This thought-provoking process invites you to connect with your truth and authenticity.

And lets be real about this; the coaching process may involve new discoveries about the way your own actions play a part in situations that you wish to change. This type of self-discovery can at times be confrontational and uncomfortable, but if you are willing to navigate through these discoveries, it will be rewarding and transformational. I am there with you and for you all the way.

My coaching style is intuitive, compassionate, and pragmatic that gets real and deep, but simultaneous feels light and comfortable.

*Please note that coaching is not therapy or counselling. Although the past is sometimes touched upon to understand your situation better, coaching focuses on the present and works towards the future. It is not the modality for healing past trauma or work with depression or personality disorders. However, coaching can be valuable to compliment your therapy sessions, and offer support in your journey forward.


"Working with Kat has been a profound experience. Her wisdom, compassion, and intuitive guidance have been instrumental in helping me navigate life's challenges and make positive changes. Kat created a safe and nurturing environment where I felt truly heard. She held the space for me to explore my thoughts and emotions, offering gentle guidance when needed. I would recommend reaching out to Kat to anyone seeking a compassionate and skillful guide on their journey to self-discovery and personal growth." - Olga Y.

Pricing & fall discounts

Exploration (now 20% off):

- 30 minute discovery call - free
- 60-75 minute intake session - regular CAD 140 > now CAD 112

Packages (10% off):

- 10-pack 50-minute sessions - regular 1100 > now CAD 990
- 10-pack 30-minute sessions - CAD 650 > now CAD 585

Single sessions (15% off):

- single 50-minute session - CAD 120 > now CAD 102
- single 30-minute session - CAD 72 > now CAD 61.23

- Prices include GST.
- Discount is valid until 31 October 2023. Regular prices apply after this date.
- Single sessions and packages are only available for booking after the discovery call and intake session.
- Payment is upfront and in full for the intake and single sessions.
- Packages are valid for 5 months and can be paid in two installments.

About the sessions & FAQ's

A free 30-minute call to get to know each other. Together we'll go through the questions that you answered at the bottom of this page. This mini session is for me to assess if I have the experience and expertise that is right for you and the topic(s) you bring. And for you it's an opportunity to find out if we click and if I am the right coach for you.

There are no strings attached. Fill out the form below to book your discovery call!

Whether you choose coaching for full sessions (50-minutes) or half sessions (30-minutes) a time, the first intake session is always a full hour (or a little more if we need the time). In this session we’ll go over the contract, fill out a questionnaire and/or do an intake exercise. We will also start exploring your coaching questions deeper and gather all the information we need to get clarity about our sessions, your goals, expectations, and how our coaching relationship is going to look like.

After the intake session, you can choose to do full 50-minute sessions or half 30-minute follow-up sessions.

30 minutes seem like a short time, but a lot can be accomplished in half an hour. It’s the ideal duration for stand alone topics, if you’re looking for regular (poly) relationship check-ins, a compassionate pair of ears, or an accountability partner.

However, the 50-minute sessions give you the opportunity to go deeper, approach your topic from different angles, and lay down a solid foundation based on your core values for you to propel your life forward.

Switching between 50-minute and 30-minute sessions is always possible.

How often you want coaching, that’s up to you. I recommend starting with weekly sessions to invest in your goals and create momentum. When it feels right, changing to bi-weekly or monthly sessions is possible.

How many sessions do you need in total? That depends on your goals and whether they are short-term or long-term. Perhaps you're looking for bi-weekly accountability sessions over the span of a year. Or maybe you have a isolated challenge that can be tackled in three sessions. On average, effective and long-lasting change, is usually accomplished in approximately 12-16 sessions.

All sessions are currently online. After a few sessions I am open to do walk & talk sessions in one of Vancouver BC's beautiful parks, beaches, or forests.

It is always possible to adjust your appointment duration and schedule, as long as you give 24-hour notice. If you want to cancel or reschedule after the 24-hour window, your full session fee will be charged.

About me

Hi I am Kat. I reinvented my professional and personal life multiple times: I changed a corporate career in Online Communications to one in Art and Design. I moved countries and built a new life halfway across the world. I transformed a long-term monogamous marriage into a fulfilling polyamorous partnership. And I attuned to the whisper in my heart and went back to school in my 40's to become a Life Coach.

Change is constant. And I learned that the more I resist where I'm currently at or how I currently feel, the longer I will actually stay stuck. Building the capacity for not-knowing and insecurity whilst truly seeing and being more compassionate with myself, has opened the door to so many beautiful experiences. And with this experience, I hope to support you in your process of change.


- ICF certified Life Coach at Rhodes Wellness College, 2023, currently working towards my ACC accreditation.
- Conscious Life / Alex Howard: Trauma Super Conference, 2023
- Mastin Kipp Coaching Courses on trauma: Claim your Power, 2021
- Mark Groves, Create the Love Courses: Become a Boundaries badass, Crushing Codependency, Rediscover your wholeness, 2020 - 2023

My personal interests and experience are in the field of communication, entrepreneurship, art & creative businesses, emotional wellness, somatic healing, nervous system regulation, implementing life and career changes, moving countries, (long term) relationships, secure relating in monogamy & polyamory. In my free time you can find me outdoors, hiking, trail running, playing the piano, and making ceramics.

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